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Vintage of a Lifetime

This year’s wine harvest likely the best ever

By Karl Klooser

The Oregon Wine Board’s recently released 2014 Oregon Harvest Report is so filled with praiseful phrases, it almost makes the reader giddy with anticipation.

How could it get any better than this? “From bud break through harvest, growers and winemakers throughout the state experienced an almost ideal growing season that delivered a record amount of exceptional, balanced fruit.”

Ideal. Record. Exceptional. Maturing as much as three weeks early. Broke the previous record for heat during the growing season. Nighttime temperatures high enough to continue ripening without heat stress on the vines. Concluding its overview, the Oregon Wine Board gave this summation that wasn’t even able to complain about the rain.

“Harvest began around Sept. 12, roughly two weeks earlier than normal, although some of the warmer sites began during the first week of September.

“Conditions remained mostly dry through September with some rain at the end of the month. However, the rains this year were viewed as more of a nuisance than an actual problem or challenge, and ultimately helped to reduce pH levels and lower the rapidly rising sugar accumulation.

“Growers were able to harvest fruit in almost pristine conditions with no signs of disease and minimal fear of pest or bird effects.” Read More…