Terms of Service


Winemaker Tours is pleased to have the opportunity to share Oregon’s burgeoning wine industry with you.  By joining us on an outing, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, the rules of the road so to speak.  These are necessary because wine tasting for most of you will involve drinking alcohol.  Consumption of alcohol and its consequences are strictly controlled by Oregon law.

Winemaker Tours, LLC and its contracted transportation providers, agree to pick you up and drop you off at your place of accommodation so to avoid your needing to drive a vehicle.  Winemaker Tours, LLC and its affiliate transportation providers take no responsibility for your actions after you have been dropped off at the conclusion of the tour.

In the sole judgment of the driver, if a person is engaging in loud or rude behavior, or is otherwise showing signs of having too much to drink, Winemaker Tours, LLC and its affiliate transportation providers reserve the right to discontinue that person’s consumption of alcohol.

All of our affiliate transportation providers carry commercial vehicle insurance policies that will operate to your benefit if, for example, your driver causes an accident that injures you in some fashion.  You on the other hand are similarly responsible for your own behavior and its consequences.

Some vineyards and wineries are located close to tasting rooms. Please do not enter a vineyard or wine production area without the express permission of the winery.

Circumstances may arise that make it necessary for us to cancel a scheduled tour, or send a different driver than anticipated. Winemaker Tours, LLC reserves the right to do so, and will do its best to notify you as early as possible when and if this occurs. You will receive a full refund if Winemaker Tours, LCC cancels a tour date.


In the event you must cancel your tour:

Provided you give Winemaker Tours 48-hours advance notice of your cancellation, we will refund 100% of your remaining tour balance. The reservation deposit will be forfeited, however, if cancellations occur within 48-hours of your pick up. Thank you in advance for understanding that we may still have third party financial responsibility when you cancel your tour on short notice.